All accessories at Scurry Home & Paper are ethical, sustainable and eco-friendly leather. I worked hard to find a company that I could be proud of to stock.  When looking for pen cases and laptop bags, there were many that were gorgeous, but their tanning practices were unacceptable.  Some companies, I couldn’t decipher the ethical and environmental standards they held to, so I had to pass them by.  Some ticked the boxes of gorgeous and conscientious, but were worthless when it came to protecting your £££ laptops.  I am proud to say that I’ve found some products I’m really REALLY happy about.  Stylish cases and accessories made from a vegetable-tanned leather by workers that are cared for.


Sadly, fairly paid job opportunities are a rare find in many Asian countries that produce leather.  The tannery used by O My Bag pays their employees a fair wage in addition to providing safe working conditions.

eco-friendly leather productionSustainability:

The leather uses up hides that are a by-product of the meat industry saving them piling up in a landfill.  Also, after a long life of use as a bag or case (I’m currently wearing leather boots made in the 70’s), the accessories will biodegrade.  Vegan leather might last you a year and then will take four HUNDRED years to biodegrade.  HUNDRED!


Eco-friendly leather is practically an oxymoron as the leather industry is notoriously damaging to the environment and the workers that produce it.  Toxic chemicals waste, heavy water and energy consumption and poor air quality are the typical byproducts of leather.  It doesn’t have to be this way, though.  The Sheong Shi Tannery in Kolkata works hard at each of these issues- minimizing impact on the earth and ensuring safe, humane working environment for the employees.  

Any new product you find in the shop will adhere to these standards.

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