When you Google “leather pencil case” you will find a lot of different styles.  Some cowboy-esque.  Some hoity-toity.  I think you’ll find this particular leather pencil case one that is beautiful, and modern, and on top of that- has a conscience.


leather pencil case

I really love this pencil case.  First of all- Golly, it’s lovely.  Created by O MY BAG, you can see their Amsterdam design sensibilities shine with this case- minimal without any hint of boredom or thoughtlessness.  This leather pencil case comes in black or brown (as do their laptop cases).

black leather pencil case
The pencil case comes in black and brown. (via O My Bag)

Both are accented with a dark brass zip that feels nice and sturdy.  Excepting the zip, the only other decorative feature is their embossed logo.  Since the logo is simply their name in an all-capped simple font, it just lends to the case’s beauty.  It also has a bit of black stripy fabric on the inside reinforcing the side seam.  Inconsequential, but it makes me happy.

leather pencil case


I also am really taken with the size.  It is small, yet large enough to give you options.  I usually carry a two pen options, two pencil options, a sharpener and a rubber.  It is perfect for that.  I used to carry a pencil case so large it was practically a toiletries bag.  While I had plenty of options, I ended up with so many I couldn’t find anything.  Also my pencil caps would get knocked off in the mayhem and graphite would get all over my pens and pencils.  When I pulled out a pebble eraser and it smeared graphite ONTO my page rather than rubbing it off, that’s when I knew I really had to downsize.  This leather pencil case fit the bill perfectly.

leather pencil case
My daily carry. (And my poor pebble eraser covered with graphite dust!)


O My Bag is an accessory lifestyle brand with a real soul to it.  You can read more about the brand here, but the short version is they:

  • ensure their employees get a living wage
  • enforce safety standards at the factories to provide a safe place to work
  • use eco-friendly vegetable tanning
  • use cowhides from sustainable sources
  • create truly beautiful products
  • don’t make you pay outrageous prices just because they could

Once you start asking for leather, companies will tack on any wild price point on it and claim luxury.  While you can’t fault the quality or design in any way at all, O MY BAG Amsterdam have chosen to keep their price points within accessible reach.  I find this refreshing in a company- especially when they could exploit their social enterprise as a marketing tactic to justify their inflated price.



  • Beautiful design
  • Durable
  • Ethically & environmentally responsible
  • Accessible Price Point


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