Well, friends.  I am very pleased to announce- THE SHOP HAS BEEN FEATURED IN RED MAGAZINE!!!!  The magazine feature was released on Scurry Home & Paper’s 2nd birthday, which was particularly special.  Red Magazine has an ethos of connection, encouragement, and empowerment wrapped in style-  that is the heart of Scurry Home & Paper as well so I’m very happy that Red is our first magazine feature.


A couple months ago the Red Magazine features editor reached out to me interested in planners.  I sent her these upon her request and also added in the BookDarts.  The planner, while cute, didn’t go with the rest of the stationery they had culled. They loved the Book Darts so much, though, they decided to feature those instead.  Being more of a Scurry classic, I was actually over the moon at the switch out!

Red Magazine Feature


They featured Book Darts ahead of 5 pages dedicated to books (Red gets me- :)).   I used these like mad in the States, but when I moved to the UK, I could only find them in small quantities and at shockingly high prices.  I contacted the company I knew made them and worked with them to get them to the UK.  Instead of 12 darts for a tenner, you now can get 30 for a much more reasonable £8.50.  I find about 25 Book Darts get me through a good book- and you know you always end up starting one before you end your current one- hence, 30 Book Darts in a tin.

They are great when you are reading borrowed books, doing research, or just don’t want to underline in your beautiful new hardback.  They are also just flippin’ cute.

Book Darts


I’m thrilled to have the shop featured in Red as my first magazine feature and am really thankful to all of you for it.  Your orders, word of mouth, and sweet words of encouragement have gotten Scurry as far as it has gotten.  Thank you.

Red Magazine Feature

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