I wouldn’t say I’m a fountain pen expert.  However, for the last 2 years, I’ve pretty much exclusively used one pen for writing- the Kaweco Sport.*  I know product page descriptions don’t the in-depth info you want to make a purchase like this online.  I hope this Kaweco Sport Fountain Pen review will help fill in any gaps.


First of all, the Kaweco Sport Fountain Pen is just really cool looking. That might sound naff, but it is.  I find it hard to find a fountain pen I think is pretty.** Which is one of the reasons I didn’t get one for so long. When Kaweco came out with the Sport, however, my head was turned.

The Kaweco Sport comes in many beautiful colours (Scurry Home & Paper carries the grey, mint, and stunning macchiato) and has steel detailing on the end of the cap, the nib, and the optional clip.  By optional I mean it doesn’t come with the pen- you have to buy it separately   .  Aesthetics-wise, however, is it optional?  I mean, it’s real real cute.

Kaweco Sport Fountain Pen

It is small when capped- only 4.1″.  Easy enough to throw in your pencil case (or for you daredevils- your pocket).  The length extends to 5.2″ when posted, though.

Prior to delving into fountain pens I was primarily a felt tip pen girl.  Something about the thicker line actually tames my rowdy scrawl.  At the shop I tried the extra fine, fine and medium nibs and knew immediately, for me, the inky medium was the way to go.

Kaweco Sport Fountain Pen

That was two years ago.  It has been love, firm and fast, ever since.

As a newbie to fountain pens, using it was instantly easy, and replacing the cartridges unintimidating. Kaweco provides loads of colours of ink in ready-to-go cartridges, so you’ll have plenty to choose from.  You can get a converter for it to expand into bottled inks, but I’ve heard it is inefficient and messy with Kaweco’s converter.

I think amateurs and enthusiasts alike will appreciate the Kaweco Sport.  Though the Lamy Safari and Pilot Metropolitan are the first thought of as starter fountain pens, I have to say I had no issues at all using the Kaweco Sport as a newbie.

Scurry Home & Paper carries grey, mint, and macchiato


  • It is small
  • The aesthetic is spot on
  • It’s a wee statement piece (related to above).
  • Plenty of ink options with its short standard ink cartridge
  • Writes really smoothly
  • Travels well


  • The only con I have is that it does have some wear.  (I’ve also had it for 3 years!  For plastic it has held up quite well and is still beautiful.)
  • If you want to expand into bottled inks, the converter is terrible.

I hope this review helps you make your decision.  As always, you can ask me any questions on email or Instagram.


*Exclusively…for a pen.  I’m a pretty ardent pencil girl.

**The style of many fountain pens, for me, is one of excess (think marbled resins) or are a tad boring (think a typical black, same ol’ shape as every other fountain pen fountain pen).  I know that very subjective personal opinion, but I can’t help thinking Henry VIII would be very into the look of many fountain pens.  Tearing the flesh of the roast turkey leg in his left hand, signing his wife’s treason arrest warrant with a very audacious fountain pen with his right.  Again- a totally personal, narrow-minded opinion.  Nonetheless…

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