Most people are well out of the practice of writing letters.  If I’m honest, before this year I think the last time I wrote one was to my pen pal when I was eight.  I’d beg my mom for ideas for what to write in a letter.   (Btw- It was my best friend who moved away.  She moved 5 miles away.  I only realised this as an adult.  Top of my to-do list in Heaven is to ask my mom why on earth she didn’t just drive me over to hang out.) 

To keep the social in social distancing, I’d like to encourage you to go old-school and write a letter.  Sure, you could text, but a handwritten note ALWAYS brightens someone’s day.  The biggest barrier whether you are 8 or 28 or 48 is, “What do I write?”  Let me try to help with that first obstacle with a few ideas I’ve come up with over my year of letter-writing.

what to write in a letter



  • An old picture of you with them.
  • A childhood picture of yourself.  Be bold.  Do one from your pre-teen years.
  • Incredulous “Can you believe we…?”
  • A list of 5 things that you are thankful for about them.
  • Ask them a memory they have that seems insignificant to anyone else, but they hold special.
  • What you thought when you first met them.
  • A recipe you’ve been loving.
  • Include a wee sketch.
  • A list of your top five inside jokes.
  • Ask them how they are-  What have they been learning and growing in?
  • Just for kicks, write a limerick about them.  (Here is how)
  • Liner notes for a Spotify playlist you made for them (don’t forget to share the link with them! Bit.ly is great for shortening url’s to make them more manageable to write down) These notes can include why you chose the songs, what it means to you, why it reminds you of them, what high school crush you immediately think of



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